Simfresh is a citrus packing shed that operates out of Australia in Sunraysia Growing Region. Led by the Simonetta family, the company grew from a 1,000-unit weekly output almost 3 decades ago to millions of satisfied customers in the present.

Formed in 1991, it has evolved to become the leader in this market where it is a prominent supplier domestically and a fierce exporter internationally. Originally, the entire workforce of the company was Joe, Tony, Mario, and two of their spouses. Three brothers, undoubtedly aided by two of their wives, started this small family business not anticipating the heights it will reach. After 26 years, the leadership and management now also includes children and other members of the Simonetta family. That approach enables Simfresh to thrive as the professional and personal relationship are intertwined with mutual goals.

Currently, the annual output is on track to reach one million boxes that will contain locally-grown fruit. This will represent the biggest achievement thus far. Courtesy of those long-term relationships that the founders established with customers, the business continues to enjoy a constant stream of demand. Nevertheless, even with the astronomical growth that was recorded, the company is still operating in accordance with the original principles. Those include some rules such as the distribution of only high-quality products as well as hand packing every box.

A clear testament to the multinational success is the sheer amount of countries that are being exported to. That list includes the United States, Canada, India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and many more. Additionally, the track record of successful exporting has been going on for over a decade and a half, which has been met with the creation of loading facilities and shipping containers in certain locations.

In order to guarantee safety and maintain credibility, the company has been awarded certificates for things like Food Hygiene, Empowering Responsible Supply Chains, Quality Assurance, and more. As far as the packaging itself, the options include a 15-kg or an 18-kg carton. Due to popularity, there are more 18-kg carton alternatives. Also, there are three classes of fruit to choose from, which enables the client to pick what works best for their personal or commercial needs.

As the modernization and technology continue growing, Simfresh stays up to date with the innovative tools. Besides the main website, customers can also access the latest offering through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Leaving feedback is encouraged as that has been one of the most motivating factors since the foundation of the business.